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ISOFELT INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. is specialized in the production & development of various types of industrial nonwoven materials. Our traditional & core business is the production of roofing carrier nonwovens for modified bitumen waterproofing membrane industry. As one of the earliest factories in this field in China, ISOFELT never stops research & development on new material & technology. Now we have grown up with a product line of spunbond long fiber polyester nonwoven, filament/mesh reinforced spunbond polyester nonwoven, spunbond polyester nonwoven geotextile, as well as various types of fiberglass composite nonwoven materials. 

In recent years, we also stepped into the production of surfacing materials for modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, such as VMPET film, Colored Aluminum foil, etc., to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. 

With quality products & professional services, we have established long term business relationship with customers & partners from over 50 countries & regions, serving more than 120 enterprises in waterproofing, insulation, as well as composite material industry.




Production Lines


Annual Output (MT)


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To become a top level supplier in global comprehensive engineering nonwoven field.


We are devoted to persistent research & development of new materials, to enrich its product lines and meet the requirements of customers & partners from different industries.


To provide one-stop nonwoven material solutions for global bituminous waterproofing membrane industry.


With quality products & professional service, we are dedicated to provide one-stop nonwoven material solutions for global bituminous waterproofing membrane manufacturers, which is also our traditional & core business.

core value

Core Value

With the core business value of “Innovation & Dedication”, ISOFELT is devoted to the continuous research & improvement of its materials, to provide better & better products & services to its customers & partners.

Management Philosophy

ISOFELT always takes customer & market needs as its priority and dedicates itself to provide win-win cooperation to its partners. With the production principle of low-energy consumption & environmentally friendly, ISOFELT manufactures quality products, to create value for its partners, shareholders & society. 

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