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Spunbond Long Fiber Polyester Nonwoven

Area Weight: 110-300G/M2


Raw Material: Virgin PET Chips


Process: Spunbond, Needle Punched, Glue Bonded

General Information

Isofelt Spunbond Long Fiber Polyester Nonwoven is a nonwoven material, manufactured with high grade virgin PET chips. It has excellent tensile & tearing strength, extensibility & thermal stability, as well as low shrinkage performance. After saturation with bitumen, the roofing membrane finished product is extremely elastic and has high resistance to aging & corrosion.


Using virgin PET Chips as raw material, it is produced with spunbond technology, needle punched for mechanical integrity and organic resin bonded to increase stiffness & strength. 


Isofelt Spunbond Long Fiber Polyester Nonwoven is an idea carrier material for SBS/APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane. The membrane produced with spunbond long fiber polyester nonwoven is widely used in various types of construction waterproofing & corrosion resistance circumstances, such as roof, bridge, wall, tunnel, underground, water pool, basement, etc.

Technical Data Sheet

Typical PropertiesUnitTest MethodToleranceStandard Value
Product Specification120SP140SP160SP180SP200SP220SP250SP
Mass Per
Unit Area
g/m2DIN EN 29073-1-5% *120140160180200220250
Thicknessmm ±15%0.650.700.800.901.001.151.30
Max. Tensile Strength (MD/CMD)N/5cmDIN EN 29073-3-10% *350/280400/300460/360500/420580/480600/500750/650
Elongation at Break (MD/CMD)%DIN EN 29073-3-15% *20/2522/2525/2525/2828/3230/3535/40
Shrinkage 10min, 200℃ (MD/CMD)% 2.0/2.02.0/2.02.0/2.02.0/1.52.0/1.52.0/1.02.0/1.0


1. * No upper limit.

2. Special specifications are available based on customer requirements.